GA-FIT's Drought Source Water Alternatives Program

Drought SWAP

GA-FIT helps Georgia farmers respond to drought. Through the new Drought SWAP program, we are providing farmers who rely on surface water sources for irrigation with new groundwater wells that can supply water during drought.

Alternative sources for use during drought reduces the direct use of instream flows during dry periods. The benefits accrue to farmers, who gain a more reliable water supply during drought, and natural systems, which need water to maintain aquatic habitats and recreational opportunities. Over the next five years, Drought SWAP aims to provide water supply alternatives during drought at over 200 farms that currently use surface water for irrigation supply. In doing so, GA-FIT hopes to create the capacity to significantly improve drought-year streamflows in the Lower Flint River Basin.

Drought SWAP is now taking preliminary applications from  farmers who are interested in developing an alternative source for some, or all, of their existing surface water withdrawals. Preliminary applications are due December 15, 2022. See the links below to learn more, review your eligibility and get started.

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Drought SWAP is funded by a grant from the American Recovery Plan Act for infrastructure development. Implementation is led by the Georgia Water Planning and Policy Center at Albany State University, in partnership with the Georgia Environmental Protection Division and the Golden Triangle Resource Conservation and Development Council. More information about this project can be found in this press release.

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