Fog over water in nature preserve

Georgia Flow Incentive Trust

Georgia farmers have made investments in efficiency and the State of Georgia has made investments in the data and research needed to support careful water management. GA-FIT builds on these investments to implement innovations and incentives for effective drought response.

Irrigation system passing over water and field

Georgia Flow Incentive Trust


GA-FIT is working to improve drought response capabilities in Georgia. GA-FIT seeks to protect streams while also protecting the economic well-being of farmers.

Incentives Auction

GA-FIT's new pilot project will test carefully designed incentives that can sustain farmers and streams during periods of severe drought.

Drought SWAP

GA-FIT has a new project to provide deep aquifer wells for drought water supply to farmers that use surface water in the Flint River Basin.


Stay up to date on our latest projects and what we're doing to protect Georgia's streams while also protecting the economic well-being of Georgia farmers.