Apply for Drought SWAP through October 31

Applications for Drought SWAP are currently open and will be accepted through October 31, 2023.  This application period follows on the first round for applications that was taken in 2022.  Drought SWAP received many applications during the 2022 application period, but we expect to have capacity for more participants, and therefore, we are inviting additional applications. The application form is avaialble on this website (click here).

GA-FIT helps Georgia farmers respond to drought. Drought SWAP will provide farmers who rely on surface water sources for irrigation in the Lower Flint River Basin with new groundwater wells that will supply water during drought. The benefits accrue to farmers, who gain a more reliable water supply during drought, and natural systems, which need water to maintain aquatic habitats and recreational opportunities. Over the next four years, Drought SWAP aims to provide water supply alternatives during drought at over 200 farms that currently use surface water for irrigation supply. In doing so, GA-FIT hopes to significantly improve drought-year streamflows in the Lower Flint River Basin. Click here for more information about Drought SWAP.